Pamela Pullen

Pamela Pullen

Senior Associate

Location: Americas

Pamela Pullen recently retired from UPS Airlines after a 37+ year career with the company. In her most recent role, she served as the Global Aviation Emergency Response Manager based in Louisville, KY. Her responsibilities included coordination of the UPS Family Assistance Support Team (FAST), in addition to training, recruiting, and educating team members across the country. She also developed the airline’s plan for emergency response and was responsible for implementation should an event occur. 

Pamela was also UPS’ COVID-19 “Healthy at Work” officer for more than 23,000 employees located in Louisville, KY.  She worked with operations, Public Health, and OSHA to mitigate workplace issues and respond to complaints. Prior to her emergency response role, Pamela held the position of Air Region Occupational Health & Safety Manager.  Within this structure, Pamela provided guidance and senior support to the safety staff in flight operations, aircraft maintenance, hub & air ramp operations, as well as finance, engineering, call centers and information technology, to name a few.

In addition to Health and Safety, Pamela has worked as a Senior Manager of Human Resources for over half her career.  She managed HR Generalist teams and departments to include Benefits, Workforce Planning, Recruiting/Hiring, and Training & Development.  In her early career, Pamela worked in many facets of Flight Operations to include network tracking such as rerouting and diverting flights, working on air ramps, marshaling, and much more.

Pamela was most recently Chair of the Aviation Emergency Response Organization (AERO) and was a member of the A4A Emergency Response Committee.  In January 2023, Pamela received the first Civilian Service Award given by the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport for her coordination efforts in support of the 2022 Triennial Drill.  While in Health & Safety, Pamela held board and Executive Board Member positions for the Kentucky Safety & Health Network (KSHN). 

Pamela is a graduate of the University of Louisville with a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Training and Development.  

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