Robert Rowntree

Robert Rowntree

Senior Vice President Global Operations

Location: UK & EU

Robert is well known around the world for his remarkable experience in crisis and disaster management. He has worked in disaster management for more than 18 years leading international teams responding to major incidents around the globe. Rob’s experience includes multiple aviation disasters, terror attacks, rail accidents, maritime incidents and natural disasters. His varied and global leadership and operational experience sets him apart as a true expert in mass fatality response.

For more than 40 years, Robert has worked towards ensuring total support for families during tragic events. He believes that supporting families is one of the most important elements of an operation. His passion for providing true and honest information and treating affected loved ones with respect and dignity underlines everything he does.

Previously, Robert worked in the funeral industry for over two decades. He is a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer and has held the position of National President of the British Institute of Funeral Directors and the Cooperative Funeral Service Managers. He remains an active Member of the Emergency Planning Society.

Robert has a BA (hons) in Business Management and Administration from Buckinghamshire New University. He is regularly asked to speak and present at conferences and is a Guest Lecturer at several Universities on Post Graduate programmes lecturing on crisis management, disaster operations and family assistance.

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