Stephen Nimmo

Stephen Nimmo


Senior Vice President, Global Operations

Stephen brings to GoCrisis, over 25 years of experience in bereavement support. Beginning well before the turn of the millennium as a funeral director, and continuing to support individual families at a time of loss until the beginning of 2022. This vast experience brings with it a great understanding of looking after those who have died, no matter the circumstances, and of what bereaved families expect. Applying the same rules for one family or multiple families is at the core of his work when responding to an incident where many have lost their lives.

Since the beginning of 2000, Stephen has responded to many incidents around the world, from plane crashes to natural disasters. He has also been called upon by governments to advise both before and during incidents. Since March 2003, he has worked closely with the military in ensuring the dignified repatriation of those who have been killed in conflict. In particular, Stephen spent time in Afghanistan and Iraq, and oversaw many of the ceremonial repatriations during Op. Kier at RAF Brize Norton. His work for the military continues today.

Stephen has been deployed for GoCrisis since the end of February in response to the war in Ukraine, supporting our clients and their staff, in particular in their evacuation from the country and their relocation. He has also led the development of mental health programmes for those affected. He has also been working closely with other clients for the same response.

Stephen not only activates around the world, but also teaches all aspects of Multiple Fatality Planning, which brings educational value to students, but also considerable anecdotal evidence, thus enriching the courses. He has spent considerable time in the Middle East, teaching, and  working with Emergency Planning Officers there, building response plans, and implementing them.

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