Abi Carter

Abi Carter


Location: UK & EU

Driven and motivated by her beliefs and values, Abi is a Forensic Archaeologist by profession and has built a multi award-winning forensic science consultancy over the last 17 years. Her disaster management work stemmed from her humanitarian work, having worked on forensic evidence from the mass graves in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Since 2017 Abi has chaired the Wales board of the charity ‘Remembering Srebrenica’ providing genocide education and commemorative work across the country. In other voluntary roles, Abi provides scrutiny to South Wales Police by holding an executive role within their Strategic Independent Advisory Group and provides ad hoc advice to the Ministry of Justice through the Law Society. Similarly, she advises the Forensic Science Regulator on certain codes of conduct and quality standards in collaboration with the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, of which she holds Member (Professional) status.

Abi has excelled in a variety of roles within the Disaster Management industry since her inception in 2006. She is as comfortable in her niche area of forensics as she is working in the call centre, dealing with logistics, assisting bereaved families, working at senior management level and liaising with clients. Media trained and an accomplished speaker, Abi also provides an array of training on forensics and crisis management. Abi’s experience within the International Criminal Tribunal arena ensures that her dealing with the aftermath of disasters is effective, efficient and appropriate.

As part of her unparalleled journey, her success and wider contribution have been recognised with a string of accolades and awards. Her academic portfolio, as well as her published writing, is increasingly impressive, and whilst she still maintains the overview and strategic direction of her company, she has significant capacity to share her skills and knowledge in other areas, focusing on human rights advocacy and disaster management. In summary, she is as successful as she is driven and energetic, and her much admired and hugely impressive list of achievements to date is a tribute to her leadership, vision, tenacity, empathy and compassion.

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