Disaster Assistance

Disaster Assistance

Managing the aftermath of a disaster involving victims, families and employees is an overwhelming task in an environment where standards for a fast, effective, transparent and compassionate response are higher today than it has ever been.
GoCrisis provides you with the expertise you will need in this difficult time.

Management Support

  • GoCrisis Senior Crisis Responders provide strategic support to your leadership team
  • Support in establishing crisis management, incident management and joint operation centres

Victim Identification, Mortuary & Repatriation Services

  • Gather, process and manage information from multiple locations to support authorities in victim identification
  • Search and Recovery of Human Remains
  • Search and Recovery support to Investigators
  • Provision of equipment and trained staff to establish, manage or support temporary mortuaries
  • Provision of clinical staff to liaise with and support relevant agencies in the recovery and identification of victims according to INTERPOL standards for Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)
  • Arrangement of DNA analysis
  • Arrangement of international repatriation of the deceased according to the wishes of families
  • Support you in planning and coordination of the interment of unidentified human remains

Personal Effects

  • Search and recovery of personal effects from the incident and other locations
  • Storage of and processing the personal effects at a secure location
  • Drying, airing and decontamination (hazmat removal) of personal effects
  • Documenting, photographing and cataloguing personal effects
  • Preparing a web-based, electronic or print catalogue for families to view and identify property
  • Facilitating the cleaning, repairing and secure delivery of personal effects according to the wishes of families

Recovery & Remediation Services

  • Management of site clean-up and remediation
  • Management of decontamination of assets and/or facilities site and property decontamination
  • Recovery of property
  • Management of incident site

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