How businesses respond to crises, from accidents involving loss of life, evacuations, reputational damage, data breaches, to natural disasters, terrorism, and pandemics, is continuously evolving.

Managing the aftermath of a disaster involving victims, families and employees is an overwhelming task in an environment where standards for a fast, effective, transparent and compassionate response are higher today than it has ever been.

Challenges during an incident:

  • Real-time video & eyewitness accounts spreading on social media
  • Answering thousands of phone, social media and email enquiries from customers, staff, regulators, and the media
  • Involvement of multiple parties, including Government agencies
  • Lack of resources, especially at the scene
  • Managing expectations of distressed employees and their families
  • Dealing with survivors and/or disrupted customers
  • Maintaining business as usual
  • Personal stress for senior managers and employees, especially at the front line

These challenges can overwhelm your resources, day-to-day business and the people in your organisation.

GoCrisis provides crisis preparedness and response services to some of the world’s most well-known companies. We support our clients through a close partnership that involves regular meetings, annual training and a strong global response capability.

How we help

  • Family assistance service
    • Set up, equipment and staff
  • Mental health and long-term care
  • Crisis communications
  • Contact centre services
    • Telephone and email enquiries
    • Social media enquiries
    • Media call centre
    • Data collection
  • Disaster assistance services
    • Search and recovery
    • Morgue set up, equipment and staff identification
    • Identification and repatriation
    • Personal effects recovery, storage & return
  • Memorialisation
  • Logistical support
  • Victim registration, matching and reunification
  • Emergency and crisis response consulting, planning, & training


Energy & Natural Resources





Consumer & Retail

Rail & Road



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