Amy Cann

Amy Cann


Location: Americas

With over 10 years’ experience in Emergency Response Planning and Crisis Support, Amy has worked with clients in the aviation, maritime, energy, rail, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Amy’s areas of expertise include Emergency Preparedness and Family Assistance, with her core strength being in Call Center Operations. Previously, as Vice President, Client Services & Call Center Operations for a disaster response company, Amy managed call center services for many US Fortune 100-500 level clients, overseeing 500+ call center agents, training clients on software, creating customized phone scripts, conducting emergency exercises, managing the technical side of call center operations, and leading countless call center activations. She has held a leadership role in numerous responses including aviation accidents, cruise ship incidents, train derailments, oil/gas fires & explosions, natural disasters, mass shootings, tour/excursion incidents, employee injuries & deaths, piracy/hijackings, criminal acts, and business disruptions.

Amy holds a BS in both Psychology & Sociology and previously held trainer certifications in Care Team Response and QPR Suicide Prevention. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

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