Charlotte Hurley

Charlotte Hurley


Location: UK & EU

Charlotte brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role in disaster management, with a focus on training responders and leading personal effects operations worldwide.

With a strong moral compass guiding her work, Charlotte has dedicated her career to supporting disaster response efforts and managing personal effects with precision and compassion. While not a sworn officer, she has immersed herself in the world of policing, working closely with senior officers during various disaster incidents, where she honed her skills and understanding of effective crisis management.

Charlotte’s academic background in Crime and Investigative Studies has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of critical subjects such as Major Investigations, Anthropology, Crime Scene Analysis, Mass Disasters, and Forensic Management. Her dissertation on policing, which she presented at a prestigious industry seminar in Cambridge, earned her a First Class degree, showcasing her commitment to excellence and her ability to contribute valuable insights to the field.

Throughout her career, Charlotte has successfully managed numerous major projects involving mass fatalities, including nine Personal Effects Incidents. Her presence in Crisis Management Centers during eight live incidents over a decade underscores her ability to thrive in high-pressure environments and provide effective leadership during times of crisis.

In addition to her extensive experience in disaster management, Charlotte brings 18 years of banking experience to the table, where she specialised in identifying and managing risk. Her background in emotionally and physically challenging work has equipped her with the resilience and focus necessary to see projects through to completion within tight timeframes and budgets.

Charlotte’s unique blend of academic knowledge, hands-on experience, and leadership skills makes her an invaluable asset in the field of disaster management. With her dedication to excellence and her unwavering commitment to supporting communities in times of need, she is well-prepared to make a meaningful impact in her role.

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