Checklist for a Crisis Communications Go Bag

Checklist for a Crisis Communications Go Bag

Checklist for a Crisis Communications Go Bag

Mario Gomez – GoCrisis, VP Global Communications

A crisis incident can occur at any time and any place. When an emergency happens, the communications team will be called upon to assist in managing the response.

Preparation before an incident is vital to a rapid response. That means having tools at the ready for deployment. Access to the proper tools will help any communicator to make the necessary action steps to get their message out, mitigate communication damage to the airline’s reputation.

Building a Crisis Communications Go Bag must be a line item in your annual budget. Below is a checklist of the basic items to build a Crisis Communications Go Bag:

  • Large hard case with wheels
  • Laptop and portable printer; portable hard drive, thumb drives
  • Crisis team contact list
  • Satellite phone with activation service; extra batteries
  • Crisis Communications plan (digital and hard copy)
  • Communications templates
  • Holding statements
  • Camera with still and video capabilities; extra camera batteries; microphone
  • Portable wi-fi hotspot for Laptop use
  • Office supplies – pens, paper, folders, ect
  • First Aid Kit
  • Standard cell phone and charger
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Small portable generator (optional)

In addition to these and other items, your personal needs are very important. For any travel abroad, you must be prepared to provide certification documents for Covid-19 vaccinations and other diseases. It is highly recommended to have a personal packing checklist for your own “Go Bag” to ensure that you have remembered all of the items necessary to enter a country and possibly stay for a period of time. If possible, prepare your bag in advance, including an up-to-date passport (which doesn’t expire within six months of your date of travel, clothing for summer or winter deployment, and other personal care items such as medications, prescriptions, extra glasses, contact lenses, and the prescriptions required for them should they be damaged. Now more than ever, personal protective items must also be considered, including additional masks and hand sanitizer.

Don’t arrive to a crisis location without the items you need to do your job and remain healthy and safe. People are counting on you! Always be well-prepared, both professionally and personally.

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