Chris Gray

Chris Gray

Senior Associate

Location: Oceania

Chris Gray is Managing Director of Australian-based public relations agency and a Senior Associate with GoCrisis.

A highly experienced crisis communications practitioner, he regularly advises clients and helps them manage complex, difficult and confronting issues so they can communicate with speed and clarity to key stakeholders.

As a former journalist with leading news organisations, he brings his knowledge of newsroom environments to the fore to equip clients to deal confidently and persuasively with media in order to manage their messaging in both benign and hostile scenarios.

He has trained more than 500 executives over the past two decades in the art of media relations and crisis communications across both the private and public sectors. Chris is often called on to speak on reputational matters and undertakes training of senior executives in the areas of crisis, media and presentation skills. He provides ‘on-call’ support to organisations and has responded to major crises in Australia and overseas.

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