Hennie Crous

Hennie Crous

Manager, Infrastructure & Resources

Hennie is a highly experienced resource, infrastructure, and senior-level network support systems specialist with a demonstrated history in the Aviation, Management Consulting, Project Management and Information Technology Industries.

He has worked on multiple fatality accidents and serious incidents, focusing on Family Assistance Support Operations, Data Management and Contact Centre Operations.

As the “Keeper of Keys”, Hennie develops and maintains all information and IT resources within GoCrisis, focusing on the security of all information and GDPR requirements. He also manages and maintains all GoCrisis social media pages and the branding and design of all related media. In addition, he serves as the first point of contact for all website enquiries and is the technical lead for all webinars and virtual training to ensure stability and a positive customer experience.

Hennie oversees the GoCrisis GoResponder Program, which includes training requirements, work assignments, and scheduling of all 1200+ GoResponders, pre-, during, and post-emergency response deployments. During activations, he serves as the Contact Centre Director, monitoring call volumes, system resources, and the quality of service provided by all GoCrisis Contact Centre Agents across all communication platforms.

Hennie carries formal qualifications in numerous disciplines with regard to the Information Technology industries, as well as in Travel and Tourism.

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