Mary Ruiz

Mary Ruiz


Location: Americas

Mary Ruiz resides in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and has over 30 years of experience in the airline industry. She has extensive work experience in the areas of policies, procedures, and program management, always with a focus on people. She has worked for Pan Am, TWA, American Airlines, and most recently, as the Station Manager for Spirit Airlines, where she led the airline’s local station team in its response to various emergencies, including weather-related natural disasters. Her career roles and responsibilities as a Station Manager not only included the Safety and Security of the airlines’ airport operations, but she also worked as a Complaints Resolution Officer, providing attention and resolving disability-related issues for customers.

Mary became a central figure in the response and recovery of western Puerto Rico, working closely with Operation Puerto Rico Care-Lift which assisted in the delivery of over 160 tons supplies to the island. In addition, she also assisted in the distribution of the supplies to remote sections of the region, and helped many of her fellow Puerto Ricans cope during such a devastating period.

Mary has been very active in her emergency preparedness activities, having participated in the Aguadilla Airport’s Emergency Response exercises, contingency planning, and large security exercises. She is also certified in sign language, and has worked as an airline instructor as well as a tutor, volunteering frequently throughout her community.

In her academic pursuits, Mary began in the field of computer programming, where was on the Dean’s List. She is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Forensics.


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