Nedine Rodgers

Nedine Rodgers

Client Services Coordinator

Nedine serves as our Client Service Coordinator, blending her expertise in psychology with a genuine passion for assisting others on our GoCrisis team. Her academic background in psychology has shaped her dedication to understanding and supporting individuals in various capacities.

In her previous role within the healthcare sector, Nedine developed strong skills in crisis management and emergency response. She consistently demonstrated grace and efficiency in high-stress situations, prioritizing the safety and well-being of those in her care.

As a GoResponder, Nedine played a crucial role in deployment operations focused on retrieving and returning personal effects to families of deceased individuals. This experience equipped her with valuable insights into logistics, organization, and the importance of empathy in her work.

Now, as our Client Service Coordinator, Nedine oversees client training bookings for the GoCrisis team. She ensures smooth coordination between clients and training sessions, managing scheduling logistics effectively and ensuring all parties are well-informed and prepared. Nedine’s commitment to serving others and her ability to navigate complex emotional situations make her an invaluable asset to our team, dedicated to making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.


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