Teresita Uribe

Teresita Uribe


Location: Americas

Teresita resides in Medellin, Colombia and is an experienced aviation professional and Clinical Psychologist with more than 26 years of experience at Avianca and its associated airlines, 18 of which were in Emergency Response. She has responded to several major air accidents and incidents and provided support to passengers and families directly affected as a result of a hijacked aircraft.

Teresita’s experience and knowledge in psychological intervention during crisis situations from a clinical and educational psychological perspective have helped her to develop Emergency Response Plans that complied with industry-leading standards, that were easy to follow, tested in the real world, and aimed at managing and reducing the biopsychosocial consequences of family members and others affected by a traumatic incident or accident.

In addition, Teresita has held administrative and leadership positions in programs aimed at psychological assistance and adaptation to change, with special consideration given to empathy when dealing with people, organizations, especially those involved with Humanitarian Assistance.

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